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Association québécoise des médecins du sport (AQMS)

Dre Alexandra Bwenge - Communication Agent

"It is with great pleasure that we have partnered with Matom since 2010.  This continued collaboration enabled us to reach beyond our expectations our communication goals, on the short and long term.  Our shared vision of public relations significantly contributes to such a sound professional relationship.  We are pleased to recognize the expertise of this communication firm for its contribution to the acknowledgement of AQMS as the reference in the field of sports medicine in the province of Quebec. "

Vinci Aviation

Marco Prud’Homme - President

"Matom was able to provide us with the best advice to support us in a considerable challenge - the public launch of our new air transportation logistics agency, Vinci Aviation. Thanks to a well-orchestrated media campaign, our business took off very smoothly!"

Favuzzi International

Michel Favuzzi - President

"I am very pleased to recommend the services of Julie and Lydia from Matom.  They both are dynamic, friendly and very professional.  They quickly understood our expectations and the helped us achieve our previously-set goals.  This was a second collaboration with Matom’s team, and we are definitely considering other mandates with them!"

Construction Danam Bonzaï

Valérie Dumont - Director, Communications and Marketing

"Matom brilliantly took up the challenge of advertising or new CITÉ7 condos project in Mirabel, by implementing a well-targeted press relations strategy.  Thanks to their extensive network of contacts in the media, these experienced professionals have exceeded our expectations.  In fact, following the press coverage obtained after the launch of our project, our sales have significantly increased!  I wish to thank Matom for their great professionalism!"

Office municipal d’habitation de Montréal

Martin Després - Communication Officer

"For the Office municipal d'habitation de Montréal, the Green Thumb contest is a very important project which allows our organization to meet various objectives: source of inspiration and sharing, solidarity among neighbours, sustainable development, enhancement of the living area, etc. We needed the right people to keep building this contest and in Matom we found an experienced, dynamic and visionary team! Thank you Matom!

Les Fonds Universitas

Tina Fournier Ouellet - Senior consultant, Communications and public relations

"To work with Matom is always efficient and very pleasant!  Julie and Lydia are devoted and flexible professionals, and they understand the client's reality.  This is greatly appreciated as their intervention is precisely oriented toward our business strategies and our goals! They know very well how to put themselves in the client's shoes in order to provide us with top-quality services."