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At Matom, we apply ourselves to conceiving creative plans and strategies in order to put your company in the spotlight and make you stand out from the competition. We spread your message through traditional, social and digital media. We make the best of these various communication channels to increase your notoriety, to support your selling efforts, and to restore or maintain your reputation.

However, our commitment goes far beyond the distribution of press releases and the management of media events.

We strongly believe that the efficiency of a public relations program is increased tenfold when it is combined with a well-structured communication plan. We can assist you in developing a communication plan, by targeting the most effective strategies in accordance with your business goals, with the stakeholders present in your sector, as well as with your target audiences.

We then provide you with a choice of strategic initiatives to win the media's attention and to get concrete short-, medium- and long-term results. To be the witness of your growth and success is what we thrive for!

Strategic counseling

But how can you bring people to talk efficiently about your company?  What you need is a well-defined strategy, combined with an extended knowledge of the media environment. At Matom, we create the most efficiant communication plans and personalized media relation campaigns that enable you to reach your goals.

Media relations

When you have important news to announce, or a new product to launch, your main goal is to be seen and heard.  It is then of the utmost importance to catch the complete attention of the media, to attract them in a way that they willingly diffuse your message. Our creative and innovative press relation strategies will definitely help you stand out from the crowd.

Crisis management

We all know that a crisis may occur at any time, and that it can have devastating repercussions on the corporate identity of a company, a person or a brand.  When carefully managed, the crisis may be contained and your reputation can be restored. Our team will stand by you, whenever the worst happens, to limit the damaging outcome, to clear up the crisis situation, and then to maintain your professional reputation.

Media events

Matom can count on a strong network of collaborators, which enable us to successfully orchestrate all types of events. Whether you want to organize a press conference, a commercial product launch, an industry convention, we ensure that all the objectives are met.

Spokeperson training and coaching

Matom can support you in the training and preparation of your corporate spokespeople needed when launching a press campaign or for public appearances in case of a crisis management.  Thanks to a thorough training process, your spokesperson will learn to deliver and manage corporate messaging and they will feel more confident when delivering relevant and powerful speeches.


We put our writing skills at your service for the drafting of various types of communication documents, for internal or external communications, in accordance with the needs and situations:

  • Press kits (press releases, invitations to media, fact sheets, etc.)
  • Speeches and adresses
  • Newsletters
  • Internal communications (memos, internal newsletters)